A Story

A name since 1670

The Autreau family

Autréau, this name exists since 1670 in the village of Champillon.

At this time, the art of champagne’s elaboration did not exist but the family Autréau was a family of artists, which the authors have today their place at the Louvre Museum and at the famous Castel of Versailles in Paris.

After that, the wine growing was the first activity of the family but, at the beginning the grapes was sold every year to the big negiciants.

Since 1670

From generation to generation

At the beginning of the 50’s, Gérard Autréau decides to keep his grapes to produce champagne.

Approximately 25 years later, Eric (the son) is coming in the Winery to continue to produce champagne and to increase the sell. Then came the turn of Laurent, who a few years ago returned to the family farm.